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This full-length novel follows young Bernie as he begins his career as a troubleshooter for The Business. When a defective universe is found, Bernie is called in to fix it. It's not as easy as it may sound. Bernie isn’t one of those hell-fire-and-brimstone gods who just smites anything that gets in his way. He happens to hold the quaint idea that life is sacred, which makes his job much harder.

Bernie’s first assignment is a world called Photox where the people produce guid-peppers, an expensive delicacy among the gods. For some unknown reason, Photox is no longer producing the peppers. Bernie’s assignment is to figure out the problem and fix it. No matter what…

By popular demand, Bernie finally gets to confront his father for having abandoned him so many years ago.

The book has been submitted to beta readers, and is now being revised for submission to the editor with a publication goal of this fall.